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Guitar heroes/influences: Eddie Van Halen, Billy Gibbons, Steve Morse, Dickey Betts, Michael Schenker and, of course, Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham.

Gear: Les Paul Custom, Washburn Dime V, Marshall JCM2000, Fender Roc Pro 1000, Marshall 4x12s, D'Addario strings, Dunlop XH picks, BOSS pedals

When not playing music: Working for a large financial institution, raising two kids with his wife, picking up NWOBHM-related items

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BARRY met Dave <lead guitar> at Lafayette College over twenty years ago, where they bonded over a common fondness for easy classes, Kaopectate binges, and, occasionally, music. Before joining Bad Reputation, ‘the Bomber’ honed his stage craft playing in several successful Bay Area bands, most notably Electric Phase, Corporate Bitch and Go Inside. Fans will be glad to hear Barry has bounced back 100% from last year’s tragic petting zoo accident, and is ready to rock the Bay Area once again! “Rock and roll is my religion and my law…”

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STEVE brings nearly two decades of musical experiences to the Bad Reputation family. Sadly, most of those are traumatic experiences requiring years of therapy, for which Steve still shoplifts to pay off the creditors. In addition to covering the rhythm and harmony lead guitar parts of classic Thin Lizzy tunes on his trusty Les Paul (of dubious origin), Steve writes and records "acoustic rock and roll™", and enjoys performing classic Willie Nelson and Kris Kristopherson songs on seedier street corners around San Francisco. Steve is also proud of his work participating in medical experiments, for which he donates all his profits to charity.

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ALAN, as with all lead singers, started his career by singing in the shower. After almost drowning, he decided maybe he should try singing somewhere else. Alan's first band, Zebra Pulse, was a punk outfit which is code for "we can't play our instruments". Alan's first real gig was the Ratskeller in Boston at the ripe old age of 15. Next on the list was NiteLife a Boston based Thin Lizzy cover band. In the late 80's early 90's Alan switched to the promotion side running DarkStar Cafe a venue for new artists in the Rochester NY area. After many trial and tribulations Alan ended up in the Bay Area. After procrastinating for several years he decided "maybe I can still sing" and took Dave up on an offer to jam with the boys. And the rest as they say is history.

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"After being demoted to DEADSNAKE and run out of the last band, what else
could I do but play the greatest Irish Rock and fucking Roll known to man
kind. THIN LIZZY ROXXX!!!  Through laughter, cries, screams, song, dance, art, magic, sex, bleeding, and breath we bring truth back from the
shadows.  Please join me in this celebration sometimes referred to as LIFE!!!!!


Clitty Bob POWERS!!!!

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